A couple weeks ago FagFeetSlave showed up on my website. He bought a few vids, made a Jaxmas tribute, and sent me an email inquiring about buying one of my old Asics. The faggot never did end up buying the shoe, because once we started chatting on my website and via skype, the slave was mine for the taking.

On Dec. 26th, I slowly raped the faggot for small amount throughout the day. Through a series of $25 tributes and “Pay My Bills” the slave tributed $182.82. The slave spent the next couple days thinking about his Master and dreaming about tributing more, so on Dec. 29th the faggot returned and became an Official Slave… along with a little raping. Total for Dec. 29: $251.66.

The next day the faggot was pretty silent, but on New Year’s Eve it returned for an epic $1,200.00 cash drain. The drain went on for a few hours via chat messages on my website and on skype. It started slowly with $25 tributes, but quickly grew to $200 tributes as FagFeetSlave wanted to surpass the previous record of three $200 tributes– The 200 Club. FagFeetSave did just that by making four $200 tributes. By the end of the night I had taken $1200 in fag cash from this little fucker.

Daily Tributes

The cash high I got off the drain was immense. Nothing makes me happier than taking a huge pile of cash from one of my weak inferior fags, and this particular drain was a very nice way to end the year. Looking forward to the next session with my addicted cash cunt.

Next time I will be writing about AntSlave’s wallet drain on Dec. 28th.