2015 to Dec 9, 2017 — Cash Raped: $289,256.29 (Cash Log)

Amazon Gifts: $17,829.25 (Gift Log)(Amazon Wishlist)

Kayak Fund: $0 of $4,400 (Kayak Fund)

2 hours ago
He must be poppering himself up again… $229 so far today. https://t.co/koJwxMGZ2n
2 days ago
Stuff my pockets full of cash while sniffing my heavy sack. 🖕🏼 https://t.co/2WOb0vvTUg MasterJax69 photo
2 days ago
My pathetic ATLPup just paid his $525 debt off. Time to start sending him more bills. https://t.co/5DUE5HLpxh MasterJax69 photo
3 days ago
A slave just bought my video "AlexSlave & CodySlave Worship Master Jax Together - Part 1 o..." for $25.00. https://t.co/R31TH5em57
3 days ago
A slave just bought my video "AlexSlave & CodySlave Worship Master Jax Together - Part 7 o..." for $25.00. https://t.co/ONjYytY6TI
3 days ago
So much fun taking a ferry to my condo. 🇺🇸 https://t.co/xgUodmGqpP
1 week ago
Painted the Jax porch black. Love being a homeowner— especially knowing my boys paid for it all. https://t.co/QQ5xmI9o3A MasterJax69 photo
1 week ago
Master Jax just got a tribute of $100.00 via https://t.co/iabwx8YlJZ from (A guest).
1 week ago
Massage them in the hot tub and thank me for it. https://t.co/fGbtgLVCLl MasterJax69 photo
1 week ago
Stroke away your life while making mine better. Not a care in the world as I relax in paradise. Go ahead and send Daddy a silent $100. https://t.co/xFCucuzrQj MasterJax69 photo
2 weeks ago
Think I’ll head out to my beach condo tomorrow. 🏝 https://t.co/1lGZC1KRum MasterJax69 photo

Getting StartedBecome My Slave

Welcome Slave, I’m Master Jax – Size 15 Feet / 6’4” / Alpha Male


I may be new to the online community, but I am not new to being an alpha male. I am a superior man, a King, GOD… and you are nothing but a horny pathetic faggot. I am generous enough to allow you to know me, communicate with me and pay me tribute. I live an amazing life because I am superior to faggots, pigs and slaves. You must pay me because of this fact. Let’s get down to business; you want to be owned by a REAL MAN…

Worship Me & My Size 15 Feet:

I am the real deal. I have huge superior feet, and they demand to be worshiped. I know how badly you want them in your face and how badly you want to smell and taste them. My feet are so big that stores don’t carry my size and only a handful of brands even make shoes my size. Want be part of my flock of faggot foot slaves? Then come on and send me a message on Skype: MasterJax69.

I Am Not a Fake:

My feet are a drug to you fuckers. Most of you will never see feet that my size in your life. Yes, there a lot of fakes out there that claim their feet are size 15 or size 16, but ask them to measure their feet and you find out quickly they are fucking liars. I’m not lying, I will show you my shoes. I will measure my feet and compare them to my iphone. Then you will truly see what a huge foot is, and maybe even seen what a huge dick comes with them.

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